IBU President Norwegen Anders Besseberg

Anders Besseberg
  • Bessebergveien, N-3320 Vestfossen, Norway
  • +43 - 676 - 84 14 98 10
  • +43 - 662 - 85 50 50 8
  • anders.besseberg@ibu.at
Anders Besseberg began his biathlon career as a Norwegian biathlete and cross-country skier; going on to coach in the UK and Norway. Before the IBU was founded, he served as an in the Norwegian federation and on the Executive Board of the UIPMB, serving as its president from 1992 to 1993. Besseberg was a founding member of WADA and served on its Board. He has been the president of the IBU since its inception in 1993, most recently re-elected to his fifth term in September 2014.

First Vice-President Russland Victor Maygurov

Victor Maygurov
  • 40-24 Lenin str., 628012 Tyumen region, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russian Federation
  • +7 - 92 58 00 17 06
  • victor.maygurov@ibu.at
Victor Maygourov has been involved in biathlon for most of his life. He was a very successful World Cup biathlete, winning eight World Cup competitions, three World Championships' titles and two Olympic Bronze medals, one at Nagano in 1998 and another in the 20K individual in Salt Lake City in 2002. Since retiring, Maygourov has been active as an organizer in Khanty Mansiysk and as Vice President and sport manager of the RBU for the past four years. He was a member of the IBU Technical Committee for the past four years, and was elected IBU First Vice-President on September 5, 2014.

Vice-President / Finance Österreich Dr. Klaus Leistner

Dr. Klaus Leistner
  • c/o Österreichischer Skiverband, Olympiastrasse 10, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
  • +43-512-33 501-0
  • +43-512-33 501-35
  • klaus.leistner@ibu.at
  • leistner@oesv.at
Dr Klaus Leistner has been involved in skiing since 1971; in addition to his role with the IBU he serves as Secretary-General of the Austrian Ski Federation (ÖSV). He is also the managing director of several companies affiliated with the ÖSV. Moreover he has been involved in a management role for many major sporting events in Austria including the 2005 IBU World Championships in Hochfilzen. He has been the IBU Vice-President of Finance since 2006.

Vice President - Sport USA Max COBB

Max Cobb
  • 22 Brookside Rd., VT 05494 WESTFORD, United States
  • +1 - 207 - 9 39 40 84
  • +1 - 207 - 688 65 00
  • +1 - 207 - 688 - 65 05
  • max.cobb@ibu.at
  • maxkcobb@me.com
  • www.usbiathlon.org
Max Cobb has a close personal understanding of the sport, gathered over many years as an athlete, coach, administrator, and official. His biathlon career began after university when the former collegiate cross-country skier joined the staff at the US Biathlon Association in 1988; he currently serves as US Biathlon President and CEO. While working as US Biathlon Program Director, he served as the Chief of Competition at the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Games. Later that year, he was elected to the IBU Technical Committee, becoming the Chairman in 2010. At 2016 Congress in Chisinau, Moldova, he was elected as a Vice President of Sport.

Vice-President / Information Slowakei Ivor Lehotan

Ivor Lehotan
  • Garbanka 30, SK-974 11 BANSKA BYSTRICA 11, Slovakia
  • +421 - 9 05 61 84 53
  • 421 - 48 - 4 14 22 97
  • +421 - 48 - 4 14 22 97
  • ivorik@gmail.com
  • ivor.lehotan@ibu.at
Ivor Lehotan is a sports journalist who writes for a daily sports newspaper in Banska Bystrica, focusing on ice hockey, winter sports, and Olympic Games coverage. He has been a member of the IBU Information Committee since 1998, taking over as Chairman when he was elected as IBU Vice-President of Information in 2002. He is currently the President of the Osrblie Organizing Committee, where he was in charge of PR and media for the 1997 IBU World Championships as well as World Cups and other competitions at that venue. He was re-elected to another term as Vice-President of Information in September 2014.

Vice-President / Development Schweden Olle Dahlin

Olle Dahlin
  • Täljstensvägen 4, 653 50 Karlstad, Sweden
  • +46 - 70 - 36 67 300
  • olle.dahlin@ibu.at
Olle Dahlin founded the biathlon club in Sundsvall that is now one of the most successful clubs in Sweden. At the 1997 European Youth Olympic Days he was the chief of competition for biathlon and served on the Board for the 2008 IBU WCH in Östersund in. In 2010, Dahlin was elected as the Chairman of the Swedish Biathlon Federation. His focus since moving into that position was the further development of biathlon clubs and young athletes while at the same time, maintaining Sweden's reputation as a World Cup host and a strong international competitive profile. On September 5, 2014, he was elected to the position of IBU Vice-President for Development.

Vice-President / Marketing Deutschland Thomas Pfüller

Thomas Pfüller
Thomas Pfüller competed in biathlon as a young man, becoming a sports instructor and and national cross-country skiing coach after ending his competitive career. In 1984, he was appointed Deputy Secretary-General for young talent in the East German Cross-Country Skiing Association. Since 1996, Pfüller has been a member of and chairperson of the professional sport development panel of the German Sports Association/German Olympic Sports Association. He also has been the Managing Director of the DSV Competitive Sports Ltd. since 2005. Pfüller was elected IBU Vice-President of Marketing in 2010 and re-elected to that position in September 2014.

Vice-President / Medical Issues Kanada Dr. James E. Carrabre

Dr. James E. Carrabre
  • 309 Jefferson Ave SW, MN 55388 Watertown, USA
  • +1 - 952 - 2 92 47 07
  • +1 - 952 - 9 55 19 21
  • +1 - 952 - 9 55 31 15
  • jim.carrabre@ibu.at
  • athlondoc@aol.com
Jim Carrabre was born in Canada has been involved in biathlon since 1979. He was a founding member of Biathlon Canada and served on their executive board. He served as a national team athlete and also as a coach, where he was a contributing author to the Biathlon Canada Coaching manuals. He was the founder of the Canadian Biathlon bears athlete development tool. He is an alumni of the International Olympic Academy, where he was selected to represent Canada on behalf of the the Canadian Olympic Committee. In addition to a Master degree in Sports Physiology, Carrabre is Board Certified in both the USA and Canada in both clinical Sports Medicine and Family Medicine. In 2001, he was selected by the American College of Sports Medicine (the largest Sports Medicine Organization in the World) as one of 4 top young clinical Sports Medicine Scholars within the organisation. He is a fellow of the American College of Sports medicine. He is currently a partner in a multi-specialty private clinic. He was nominated to the IBU Medical Committee in 1998 and has chaired that committee since 2002. In 2006, he was elected as IBU Vice-President with the Medical Issues portfolio. He was re-elected to third term in September 2014.

Vice-President / Special Issues Korea Republik Nami Kim

Nami Kim
  • Korean Biathlon Union Volodrome B13, 88-2 Oryun-Dong Songpa-Gu SEOUL, Korea
  • +82 – 10 – 4507 - 4003
  • +82-2-423-11 29
  • nami.kim@ibu.at
  • namikim7@gmail.com
Nami Kim was an athlete on the South Korean National Alpine Ski Team from 1986 to 1993. Later she was appointed as President of the South Korean Triathlon Union and a member of the IOC. She is the vice-president of the Korean Biathlon Union, a member of the Korean Olympic Committee and the Pyeongchang 2018 Organizing Committee. Kim was elected as IBU Vice-President of Special Issues in 2006 and was re-elected to that position for a third term in September 2014.