Dominik Landertinger
  • Braunau am Inn
  • Fischer Anschutz
  • 190 cm 80 kg

Neueste Ergebnisse

Saison Co. Level Platz Rang Fehler
18/19 RL WC Canmore 5.
18/19 SI WC Canmore 19. 2
18/19 SP WC Antholz 63. 4
18/19 MS WC Ruhpolding 25. 3
18/19 RL WC Ruhpolding 4.



HSV Hochfilzen

Dominik Landertinger won the IBU WCH Mass Start Gold medal in his first IBU World Championships at Pyeongchang in 2009. Since that time, he has become one of th most-medaled biathletes in Austrian history. At the 2010, Vancouver OWG, he won a Relay Silver medal, then at Sochi in 2014, he added an Olympic Sprint Silver medal and an Olympic Relay Bronze medal to his OWG collection. In 2016, he won the Silver medal in the 20K individual at the IBU WCH in Oslo. At the 2017 IBU World Championships in his home stadium at Hochfilzen, Landertinger delighted the locals when he and his teammates won Austria's only medal of the Championships, Bronze in the men's relay.

Landertinger returned to his "favorite" venue in Pyeongchang for the 2018 OWG, less than three months after major back surgery. He once again found the magic in the Korean evening and won his fourth Olympic medal, Bronze in the 20K individual. 

In a career that dates back to the 2004 IBU YJWH in Haute Maurienne, France, the Austrian veteran remains forward-looking with his next goal, to compete in the 2020 OWG in Beijing...and of course, to win another medal.