Neueste Ergebnisse

Saison Co. Level Platz Rang Fehler
19/20 SP WC Ruhpolding =76. 3
19/20 MS WC Oberhof 11. 3
19/20 RL WC Oberhof 9.
19/20 SP WC Oberhof 23. 1
19/20 MS WC Annecy 8. 1

Head 2 Head




HSV Saalfelden

Simon Eder has won relay medals in the last two Olympic Winter Games, Silver in 2010 and Bronze in 2014. His first major championship medal came at the World Junior Championships in 2002, when he won Gold in the individual. This past season was one of his best ever; finishing fifth in the World Cup Total Score, claiming his third career victory in the Ruhpolding pursuit, and capping his year with the Bronze medal in the 20K individual at the IBU World Championships. Eder’s strong point has always been an ace on the shooting range; he regularly drops the five targets in less than 20 seconds, making among the top two or three fastest men in biathlon.

Why did you become a biathlete?

I think because of my father, he was a six-time Olympic biathlete and for me a big role model!

What makes biathlon so fascinating?

Very often you have a surprise ending, like a good movie!

What was your best day in biathlon?

My first Individual medal

What was your worst day in biathlon?

Finishing 4th in the 20K individual at the Sochi Olympics

Who was your role model as a youth?

Raphael Poirée

If you were not a biathlete, what would you be?

An Ice Hockey player

My perfect day off biathlon is…

Having time and energy for my daughter

What would it be like to win a medal at the IBU World Championships in your home stadium at Hochfilzen?

"It is my big goal, but I know it is very difficult. I won my first individual medal last year...We are always good in the relay and I hope we can win one there."