Job opening: IBU Development Director

Job opening: IBU Development Director

The IBU is announcing the opening of the position of Development Director. This is a new position within the IBU structure and is considered as one of most important ones for the successful implementation of the new strategic plan Target26. The IBU Development Director will lead sport development activities, provide leadership for the IBU Academy and be in charge of IBU’s sustainability policies, thus striving to make the best use of IBU’s elite resources and know-how.

IBU Development Director - job description and requirements

The Development Director (DD) leads all IBU sport development activities and provides leadership and direction for the IBU Academy toward an overarching vision that includes excellent research, pioneering educational programs, and ethical service to further develop athletes and the sport. The foundation of the DD’s work is to provide programs that support the further development of biathlon and the IBU’s National Federations. The DD will also have responsibility for the IBU’s sustainability policies.

The DD is expected to design and lead a series of programs to better the IBU NFs and their athletes, coaches and leaders. Among those programs is the IBU Academy that has the aim to foster new opportunities for collaboration among NF experts, sports scientist supporting the IBU Academy and to design and implement new coaching certificate programs and concentrations as the IBU Academy grows.

The DD is expected to oversee and develop the thematic education and research groups in co-operation with NFs and Academy staff/instructors resulting in both new projects and course development that supports the NFs. The DD is responsible for developing partnerships with institutions locally, regionally and internationally to advance the IBU Academy’s support of National Federation programs and coaches.

As the IBU Academy grows, the DD will be expected to both advance and evaluate its overall productivity, as well as oversee the appointment, professional development, and evaluation of a diverse faculty, instructors and staff.

The DD is also expected to foster attractive and motivating pathways for young athletes to develop through NF activities and international competition programs.

In pursuit of all these objectives, the DD will encourage a culture of inclusion that is cognizant of cultural differences and works to grow biathlon globally.

IBU Development Director Skills:

As the IBU Development Director you are expected to apply your knowledge of biathlon development programing and to demonstrate originality and creativity as well the educational and scientific endeavors of the IBU Academy. 

You will need to demonstrate your experience managing budgets as well as leadership and the ability to plan, organize and manage programs and the IBU Academy staff members and instructors in their pursued activities for NF Development, education and research programs. 

You must show a flair for cooperating with others, popularizing biathlon and communicating knowledge to the NFs in the areas of sport development for this position. 

And finally you should foster a spirit of teamwork and unity among all those involved with biathlon sport development and the Academy members that allows for disagreement over ideas, conflict and expeditious conflict resolution, and the appreciation of diversity as well as cohesiveness, supportiveness, and working effectively together to enable each member to succeed.

IBU Development Director Requirements:

1. Outstanding experience in biathlon as well as a minimum of 5 years of progressively responsible academic, program, or organizational / administrative experience.

2. Experience in a learning outcomes-based, assessment-rich, educational institution.

3. Experience in sport organizations’ management at the higher level.

4. Outstanding interpersonal relationship building and employee coaching and development skills.

5. A minimum of three years of responsible leadership experiences in management or supervisory positions.

6. Management experience in a team-oriented workplace preferred

7. Demonstrated knowledge of basic finance, budgeting, and accounting principles and practices.

8. Knowledge and experience in business, supervision, and management.

9. Knowledge of the functions, operation, and mission of the IBU.

10. Fluency in English language is required.

Your application should include:

1. A cover letter in which you explain why you have applied for this particular position.

2. A full Curriculum Vitae.

3. A certified diploma of your academic degree.

4. Certified evidence of completed training on how to teach and manage sport/development programs.

5. A formal and complete list of your merits.

6. Your most important accomplishments and/or studies. If you are a published researcher submit peer-reviewed journals in full text.

7. A complete list of programs conducted.

8. A brief outline of potential educational programs and research projects relevant to biathlon.

9. Also, provide the names and contact details of three independent people who the IBU may contact and who have also agreed to act as your referees (from universities and/or from sport organisations).

10. Your salary expectations.

How to Apply:

Applications for the position must include the following:

1. A full Curriculum Vitae.

2. Confidential contact details including address and confidential email address.

3. A letter of application highlighting your motivation for the post and your fit and qualifications.

4. Application to be submitted to IBU Secretary General latest the 31 October 2019.