IBU announces implementation of CAS award

IBU announces implementation of CAS award

In order to remain WADA Code-compliant, the International Biathlon Union (IBU) has taken the following decisions following the arbitral awards by CAS (CAS 2020/O/668) between WADA and RUSADA. The decisions concern the IBU World Championships Biathlon and the Summer Biathlon World Championships, but not the Youth and Junior World Championships, and cover the period from 17 December 2020 until 16 December 2022 (the "Two Year Period"). All decisions are based on a review of the award by the Biathlon Integrity Unit and consultations with WADA and the IOC.

  • Subject to a limited number of exceptions, Russian government officials (as defined in the Award) cannot (i) sit on boards or committees of the IBU or (ii) be accredited at/attend/ participate in IBU World Championships in the Two Year Period.

  • Russia cannot, during the Two Year Period, host or bid for the IBU World Championships, even if the event is due to take place after the Two Year Period.

  • Unless a ban, exclusion or suspension by a competent authority is in force at the time of the event, athletes can compete in the World Championships. Following a request from WADA, the IBU has instructed the RBU to provide an extended team registration.

  • The Russian flag cannot be flown or displayed in any official area at the IBU World Championships during the Two Year Period. At official areas, the modified RBU monochrome logo will be used on flagpoles.

  • The IBU must approve the uniform of Russian athletes and support personnel to be worn at the IBU World Championships during the Two Year Period. Moreover, the uniform must not bear the flag or any other emblem or symbol of Russia but may bear the colours of the Russian flag. The name ‘RBU’ will be used by Athletes and Athletes Support Personnel. The full title of ‘Russian Biathlon Union’ must not be used. Athletes and support personnel must use a modified RBU monochrome logo.

  • Subject to the uniform and all material used on the field of play, Russian Athletes and Athletes Support Personnel cannot display the Russian flag, any Russian emblem or symbol or the name 'Russia' on their clothes, equipment or personal items at any official event area at the IBU World Championships during the Two Year Period.

The Russian national anthem cannot be officially played or sung at any official area of the IBU World Championships taking place during the Two Year Period. The anthem of the IBU should be played during any official ceremonies involving athletes from RBU.