IBU Executive Board proposes establishment of independent Biathlon Integrity Unit 

IBU Executive Board proposes establishment of independent Biathlon Integrity Unit 

Salzburg, 03 May 2019: The International Biathlon Union (IBU) Executive Board decided that a new, operationally independent Biathlon Integrity Unit should be set-up as part of the federation’s ongoing commitment to implementing the highest standards in good governance, transparency and anti-doping rules.

The Biathlon Integrity Unit will be designed to centrally manage all integrity-related matters concerning biathlon, from anti-doping to ethical breaches, betting related issues or any kind of result manipulation. The Unit will be part of a draft of the new IBU Constitution, which will be deliberated and voted upon by IBU members, the National Federations, at the Extraordinary Congress in fall.

IBU President Olle Dahlin said: 

“The IBU is dedicated to protecting the integrity of biathlon. It is critical that we have robust measures in place to safeguard our sport from the very small minority who try to undermine its values. The creation of an independent Biathlon Integrity Unit will strengthen the IBU’s ability to respond robustly, effectively and credibly to any alleged future breaches of its rules. The concentration of knowledge and expertise in this Unit will also greatly benefit our future education efforts with our athletes and National Federations. We are sure that when we present this proposal to our National Federations they will recognise that this in the best interests of biathlon and will protect the integrity of our sport and our clean athletes in the future.”

The IBU’s independent External Review Commission, which has been mandated to recommend reforms to the IBU Constitution, has advocated for the establishment of the Biathlon Integrity Unit.

Jonathan Taylor QC, Chair of the IBU’s External Review Commission, said:

“The decision to include a Biathlon Integrity Unit in the draft Constitution sends a strong message that the IBU wants to pursue best practice in sports governance and to be an International Federation working under the highest standards of integrity and transparency. Centralising all integrity-related issues under the management of an expert and operationally independent unit will position the IBU as a leader in integrity in winter sports.”

The External Review Commission has been mandated by the IBU Executive Board to elaborate an initial proposal for the setup and Standard Operating Procedures of the new Unit.