IBU Ready for Opening of the 13th Regular IBU Congress

IBU Ready for Opening of the 13th Regular IBU Congress

Poreč, 5 September 2018: The International Biathlon Union is prepared for the 13th Regular IBU Congress to begin in the historic coastal city of Poreč, Croatia, 5-9 September 2018, with around 300 representatives from the 53 member federations in attendance.

The current IBU Executive Board will meet for the last time on Thursday 6 September 2018. The Olympic quota workshop, also taking place on Thursday, will be of great interest for IBU member federations. 

“The Olympic quota workshop is to explain to the IBU’s member federations the decision taken by the IOC Executive Board to reduce the biathlon quota for the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games by 20 athletes", said IBU Sports Director Felix Bitterling. “The workshop is part of the IBU’s initiative to be fully transparent in all its actions and decisions taken. It should also be stressed that the IBU is also proposing several adjustments for the IBU Event and Competition Rules, which should further improve our great sport.”

IBU Ready for Opening of the 13th Regular IBU Congress

On Friday 7 September 2018, elections for the new IBU President and the members of the new IBU Executive Board will be held. Additionally, the applications for full membership status by the Russian Biathlon Union and The Snow Sports Association of Ireland will be discussed. Over the weekend, motions, adjustments to the IBU constitution and rule changes are discussed – most notably a new IBU Code of Ethics. The newly elected IBU Executive Board will meet for the first time on Sunday and the hosts of IBU World Championships 2021 and 2023 as well as the host of the 14th Regular IBU Congress in 2020 will be decided. Sunday evening’s Gala Dinner celebrating 25 Years of the IBU will wrap up the Congress proceedings. 

Acting IBU Secretary General Martin Kuchenmeister summed up the importance of this Congress. _“The program for 13th Regular IBU Congress is very dense and important political decisions will be taken. The member federations will lay the groundwork for the future of our sport. We shall always keep in mind that the main task of the IBU is to enable an efficient administrative, sporting and commercial framework which puts athletes at the centre.” _

You can find the full list of nominees for all positions as well as host candidates for the next congress and the IBU World Championships 2021 and 2023 here.